How we spend our money

Across South Tyneside, we are a small organisation and therefore we have developed a financial plan to recognise this and built resilience where possible.

  •  £223m expected income
  • Efficiency saving – £50m savings from reductions in hospital tariff and improved prescribing efficiency and £10m savings from different initiatives
  • £31m recurrent investment plans
  • Indicative cost of £3.8m for running costs
  • We have a plan in place to manage financial risk

As part of the Government’s commitment to improve transparency around public funds, the treasury asks us to make information about individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments and transactions over the value of £25,000 available to the public. These documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Details are published monthly in arrears, starting with April 2013. For more information on the Government initiative, please go to

Copies of the Over £25000 Report are available in excel/csv format, if you require a copy in either of these formats please email