Information Sharing

In order to achieve the plans set out in the LDR, Information Sharing is crucial. However, this all depends upon robust and secure technology to ensure compliance with rules and legislation and also good practice for information sharing. Therefore, we have developed a set of principles that all organisations across South Tyneside and Sunderland have signed up to;

  1. Availability of timely and accurate data is fundamental to delivering safe and effective care
  2. Health and Adult Social Care professionals have a professional and legal duty to share appropriate data with each other about patients and service users in common
  3. Our secure and appropriate handling of data in essential so that people are in no doubt they can share their information in confidence
  4. Every reasonable effort should be made to communicate with all of our population how we use data which can identify them, and so that they know their rights
  5. We should have technology to enable us to allow people exercise their choice about with whom their information is shared
  6. We should have the technology to de-identify data so that a person cannot be readily identified when we use data other than for their care
  7. We should have the technology to enable patients and carers to fully participate in their own care through access to their data, ability to contribute and choose services with whom they share
  8. We have policies and controls to ensure we safely and securely handle personal data in accordance with   
  9. All staff with access to confidential data are appropriately and proportionately trained in handling confidential data
  10. All staff are bound by contract to hold in confidence any confidential information to which they have access