What does the Local Digital Roadmap mean for me?

Our vision

‘People and those involved in their care are digitally empowered and have access to a range of continually improving digital tools and channels to help proactively self-manage their health. When treatment is required patients will have access via multiple channels based on their preferences to   health and care services on a seven day basis.  Those delivering services to patients have secure access to reliable and high quality information they need at the point of care regardless of location and in digital format. All transaction and information flows between services are digital and based on agreed standards with patients being able to access, grant access and see who else has accessed their record.’

LDR diagram

The future

Building on from the work so far achieved, we will continue to use technology to further improve your experience in receiving care. You will be able to:

  • Self-check-in for Outpatient Appointments
  • Have access to online feedback mechanisms
  • Be better informed of waiting times and have key healthcare messages in waiting rooms
  • Have multiple channels for accessing GP Services
  • Have increased access to booking online appointments with either your GP or Hospital
  • Have access to Wi-Fi in Hospital as well as your GP Surgery
  • Know your information is held and shared securely by those who need access to it
  • Be able to have a remote consultation with your clinician whether that is your GP or Hospital Doctor
  • Have access to a range of self-care and remote monitoring solutions as standard

And finally, you will be able to receive the best possible care by a clinician or service provider who is informed with the most up to date information about you at the point of care.