#DoItForYourself campaign tackles drop in cancer diagnosis and treatment

Mon 28th June 2021

The NHS is urging anyone with a cough for three or more weeks to contact their GP practice, as this could be a sign of lung cancer.

This plea comes following a decline in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers across the spectrum, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK, accounting for 13% of all cancer cases. However diagnosis and referrals have fallen, as many have mistaken potential warning signs with the similar symptoms of COVID-19. The NHS would like to remind everyone that not every cough is a COVID cough, and if your symptoms persist then you should not delay in contacting your GP.

Other symptoms associated with COVID-19, including shortness of breath, can also be a sign of lung cancer and should not be ignored. It is extremely important that you do not delay in seeking advice, as the earlier a diagnosis is made, the more likely it is for treatment to be successful.

If you need to attend your GP practice, they are open and have introduced a range of measures to see patients safely including initial phone consultations and frequent hand sanitising. The bigger risk is letting symptoms you are worried about go unchecked.

It’s probably nothing serious, but finding cancer early makes it more treatable, so just speak to your GP. Your NHS is here to see you, safely.


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