‘Keep calm’ and order your repeat prescriptions this Easter

Wed 09th April 2014

‘Keep calm and look after yourself’ by planning ahead and ordering any repeat prescriptions you may need over the Easter period – that’s the message from your local NHS.

Dr Matthew Walmsley, Chair of NHS South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “Many calls to the region’s out of hours service are for emergency repeat prescriptions when people have run out. This is something that can easily be avoided with some forethought and planning.

“If you or someone you care for requires medicines regularly, make sure you order and collect repeat prescriptions in good time to ensure you or your family have enough medicine to last over Easter.

“You can also help yourself by keeping a well stocked medicines cabinet at home.  Paracetamol and ibuprofen are effective at relieving most minor aches and pains such as headaches period pain, inflammation in arthritis and sprains, while Antacids can help with stomach ache, heartburn or trapped wind and are available in various forms including chewable tablets.

“A handy first aid kit could contain bandages, plasters, a thermometer, antiseptic, eyewash solution, sterile dressings, medical tape and tweezers.”

“By having a good selection of items you can be well prepared for those minor ailments that many of us suffer from at this time of the year.  And by doing your bit and looking after yourself, you’re freeing up valuable NHS resources for those who really need them.”

The North East’s NHS has joined forces to launch the Keep Calm campaign.  You can find out more information by visiting the campaign website –  The website has information on common ailments, illnesses, what the symptoms are, how to treat them, how long they will last. It includes advice on what to keep in your medicines cabinet so you can be ready to treat illnesses as they start.

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